Environmental Training  
Forklift Compliance

Environmental, health and safety (EHS) requirements can be a cumbersome and
a non-productive aspect of many businesses. Management knows the importance
of maintaining EHS requirements, but it seldom has the time or expertise to handle
such issues. With Environmental Outsource, Inc. at work for your company, you
can rest easy about surprise agency audits. From a facility pre-audit to
up-to-date training records, we will have your forklift drivers ready after they complete our forklift training school!

Often with large companies the EHS manager cannot keep up with regulatory
changes, forklift training courses, agency demands, and employee safety issues. Although this person is
overburdened, hiring a second EHS assistant is not justifiable and is too cost
prohibitive. That is where Environmental Outsource, Inc. can help! Perhaps you
have a small company that is regulated, but does not justify an EHS department.
This leaves you with extra duties as well as the risk of improper compliance. In either
scenario environmental outsource can help.


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